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The role of a Coordinator is many things. It is our job to lead a talented team of teachers, therapists, counsellors, administrators, housekeepers, support staff and volunteers in delivering an effective and bespoke programme for each of our young people. Just as a RB Centre is different to a school, a RB Coordinator is different to a Headteacher. As Coordinator of RB - Norwich, it is my privilege to work directly with, and get to know, each of the students that comes to the Norwich Centre and I know that is true for my colleagues in the other RB Centres. Because we know our students so well, we are able to ensure that their needs are met.

RB works because we are innovative, because we are caring and because we are flexible - most importantly it works because everyone who spends time at a RB, be they adult or child, is part of a thriving community. As Coordinators it is our responsibility to support the students and staff within our community.

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